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Pageant Crowns

Pageant crowns is one kind of luxury jewelry which mainly used for pageant. For each pageants, they all have their own theme, as the theme of pageant are different so the crowns in different shaped. As the difference, we love the crowns, we love pageants.

The height of the pageant crowns from 1inch height to 14inch height, some special crowns even in 20inch height, very unique and various ! But we love it as it’s very special !

Above is a serious star pageant crowns for referring, the height of the crowns from 2.5in to 70in.

As the shape of the pageant crowns are different, which including star pageant crowns, heart pageant crowns, candy cane crowns, mardi gras crowns, rainbow pageant crowns, horse/pony crowns, bubble gun machine crowns, music guitar pageant crowns, animal shaped pageant crowns and lots of kinds of differ pageant crowns.

material in silver color material in silver and gold color

This is the main material of the crowns ---copper chain and high quality crystal rhinestones above is the material in silver and gold color


All the crowns which we produced made by high quality crystal rhinestones. Silver crowns and gold pageant crowns both available.
The pageant crowns with plastic combs at each end of or with adjustable band, or in full round shaped. If has any special request on this point, please contact in advance to let us know.

crowns with plastic combs crowns with adjustable band
This is the crowns with plastic combs, we don't use iron combs because of it's easy to hurt skin. Under 5inch height crowns always in combs at each end of.
This is the crowns with adjustable band, the bander we have in differ size, according to the height of the crowns, the band are differene.